How do I wash my McDavid® product?

In order to maintain the quality and the longevity of the products, it is best to hand wash them in warm water with a mild detergent. Ensure that you rinse the product thoroughly and drip dry. If your product has hinges, remember to remove them before washing. Avoid putting your McDavid® products in the dryer, or getting them dry cleaned.

Bio Skin®

How do I wash my Bio Skin® product?

The best way to wash your Bio Skin® products is to wash them by hand in the sink or the shower with mild detergent and then hang them to dry. Do not put Bio Skin® products in the dryer. The high heat may cause the material to delaminate.

How does your sizing run?

Our products are designed to provide high-level compression which means that some people may feel that a product might be too small the first time they wear it. If you are between sizes you should probably buy the larger size unless you are looking for high compression.

My product feels tight. Is it too small?

Any moisture on your skin will make it harder to pull the product on. If your product feels too tight make sure your skin is clean and dry (no lotion) before putting it on.You may also try stretching it with your hands before applying it. The material will relax slightly after use.

If the product still feels too small you may exchange it for a larger size by following our return policy.

What is your Return Policy?

Please see return policy

How do I put on my Bio Skin® product?

Each product page includes instructions on how to apply each specific product. If you have further questions please contact us and we will assist you.

How do I keep my Bio Skin® product from slipping?

If you’re having trouble with your product slipping down try activating the SkinLok feature by getting your skin slightly damp before applying the product. Moisture (including sweat) will effectively lock the Bio Skin® material to your skin and prevent it from sliding down.

How long can I wear my brace. Is it okay to sleep in it?

If you have circulation problems, including diabetes, please consult your doctor about how much compression is appropriate for you. Generally, people in good health should not have a problem wearing Bio Skin® products for as long as they are comfortable. We generally don’t recommend wearing the products overnight.