Compression Shorts

Choose from our selection of high quality compression shorts from Bio Skin and LP Support.

Our Bio Skin compression shorts elevate your performance and endurance by decreasing muscle vibration. They are made from a patented neoprene free, latex free and hypo allergenic material that is breathable. It also allows moisture (sweat) evaporation from your body, therefore keeping you cool and comfortable as you exercise.

Our EmbioZ compression shorts from LP Support feature a Power System to maximize energy and improve explosive power in jumping, kicking and swatting. They also include a Comfort System to wick away sweat and keep the body dry for optimum comfort during long training.

We are confident that you will be able to find what you need from our selection to meet your needs for injury prevention and performance optimization. Let us help you meet your exercise and training goals.

  • Bio Skin Compression Shorts

    Bio Skin Compression Shorts

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  • Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap

    Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap

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  • Bio Skin Groin Wrap

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  • LP EmbioZ – Thigh Support Compression Shorts

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