It can happen to anyone; one minute you’re playing tennis with your buddy or a game of shinny with your friends and the next, you feel a twinge in your wrist that just keeps getting more and more painful. You now need to find a wrist splint or wrist brace.

Wrist injuries come in many forms and can range from carpal tunnel syndrome to a fractured wrist, tendinitis and a sprained or strained wrist. Athletes and boardroom warriors alike can feel the effects of wrist injuries due to the repetitive motions both use that overwork the joint and make it prone to injury.

Wrist injuries don’t have to resign you to the bench and years of aches and pain. There are plenty of orthopedic braces, athletic tapes and other supports to help you get through the recovery process easier and quicker. Sorting out which of these supports are best is a tricky endeavour, so we’ve put together three of the best to help you determine how to choose a wrist brace that works for you.

Bio Skin® Boomerang

This  orthopedic wrap from Bio Skin®, is a must-try for those looking for compression and support for wrist pain or minor wrist problems. What sets this wrap apart from the rest is its comfortable design and its ability to be used on the right or left arm. The Boomerang is made of Bio Skin’s patented Ultima 2SL material, so the wrap is light-weight while providing optimal support and is hypo-allergenic, neoprene free and latex free.

Boomerang wrist brace

Bio Skin Boomerang


Bio Skin® Wrist/Thumb Spica

From top to bottom, this wrist splint helps you avoid pain while recovering from injury and helping you live life at your pace all at the same time. Another offering from Bio Skin®, the Wrist and Thumb Spica controls motion in the CMC and MP joints and protects the wrist against painful movements. It also allows you full use of your fingers and has no laces, so it can be applied with one hand, both features that save you from fumbling around and straining your wrist and your patience. The brace is made with a thin layer of ultra-soft, micro-fleece which feels exactly as comfortable as it sounds and has the added bonus of wicking moisture away, which is a big advantage in our books.



Wrist/Thumb Spica Wrist Brace

Bio Skin Wrist/Thumb Spica


Bio Skin® DP3 Cock-Up Wrist Splint

In the words of its creator, “The DP3 Cock-up wrist splint was designed to be the most comfortable and functional wrist brace ever.” That’s big talk but, as a choice of a wrist injury brace, the DP3 checks all the boxes. It provides a comfortable fit and an easily-adjusted and personalized design. However, what really gets us talking is the brace’s removable and re-shapeable dorsal and palmar stays as well as its low profile that allows full use of your fingers. This function limits the motion in the wrist to ease the pain caused from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, sprains and bursitis so you can get back to scoring the winning point, goal or touchdown that much faster.


DP3 Wrist Splint

Bio Skin DP3 Wrist Splint

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